Hello 2019!

Here it is. I’m actually writing my first blog post. As I sit here doing it, I have to admit I am a little more than nervous.

I’ve spent the last couple of days reading many of my friend’s blog posts as they reflect and post their “2018 Year in Review”. As I read, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own list of goals made last January and mentally started to “check off” things I completed. I’m happy to share that for the most part, I accomplished the main things I set out to.

  • Within the next 8 days, I will have read the Bible completely through in one year
  • I completed my MSHRM and graduated in May
  • I continued reaching out to secure speaking opportunities (but not as much as I would have liked)
  • I stepped out into the teaching arena by accepting a position to teach an online SHRM Certification Course for a major University (the second class starts in just a few weeks!)
  • I met my fitness goals and lost 50 lbs
  • I stepped up my Twitter game and met lots of new HR friends through the Twitterverse and even met some of them IRL at SHRM18

And then there was this one thing that I did NOT do… start a blog. I know; I’m late to the party as blogging has been around for many years. But hey – better late than never right?!


My biggest hesitation has been that I really wanted to find that ONE perfect thing I could center my blog around. I knew I wanted it to focus on HR; but ask any HR Professional and they will quickly tell you how broad Human Resources is. I mean it IS all about the people… humans… which we all know can be quite difficult to describe at times. I thought that not honing in one specific area in the field just would not be acceptable. I’ve decided, though, that I can simply write about what brings me joy. Joy Facilitator1

My team in the Corporate world has unofficially dubbed me “The Joy Facilitator”, and I gladly accept that title! People bring me joy; especially when I can help them grow and be successful. So I’ve decided that will be the focus of my blog…the JOY of HR. Won’t you come join me on the HR JoyRide?

Join the Joyride1


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